Welcome by Mayor of Cascais

Memos Convention II

A word from Cascais

There is a saying that goes just like this: If Cascais as a whole were considered to be a club, it would certainly be the most eclectic and titled in Portugal.
With both national and European champions, Olympic and Paralympic athletes, at land or sea, our community is deeply engaged with the spirit of sport.
To be truth, sport is actually a part of who we are: loyal but competitive citizens; team players who leave no one behind; hardworking people looking for the best.
In our case, the title is to be the best place to live one day, one week or a lifetime.
Something we are pretty sure the MEMOS community is about to discover.
Cascais is glad and honored to host you.
There is an only single promise we can assume: we will make this convention an unforgettable moment for MEMOS community.
Looking forward to see you in our shores of the Atlantic.

Carlos Carreiras

Mayor of Cascais 

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