Panel Themes

Panel Themes

Four themes will guide the MEMOS Convention II through a main topic : Advancing the Olympic Movement, One Sport Organisation at a Time

United by Olympism
The Olympic Movement has multiple stakeholders with significant reach. We will review strategies to spread Olympism to more people, especially youth, through mutually beneficial partnerships 365 days per year.

Excelling in Governance
When discussing good governance, many of the principles are those we already know and should practice in daily life. Let’s share best practices and examples of ways to ensure ethical, efficient, and effective behavior amongst all those involved in sport leadership.

Five Rings of Marketing
In traditional marketing product, place, price and promotion are the 4 P’s of the marketing mix. In the Olympic Movement, marketing revolves around athletes/teams, journalists/broadcasters, sponsors/licensees, event organizers/host cities, and consumers. Explore the interrelationships between these marketing components and how to maximize opportunities for all.

Defining our Future
It is said that change is inevitable and those who manage the change are more likely to succeed. Olympic Agenda 2020 calls for sport organizations to incorporate sustainability throughout daily operations with the goal of maximising positive impact and minimising negative impact in the social, economic and environmental spheres. We will discuss immediate and longer-term strategic actions to become more sustainable.

Panel Discussions
Panel discussions consist in groups of 4 persons gathered to discuss a topic related to one of the four themes of MEMOS Convention II. It will create the opportunity to debate on current trends with experts within the Memosian Community.

Thematic Breakout Sessions
To drive the exchange of knowledge within Memosian Community, breakout sessions will be held during the Convention II. A breakout session consists in a 12 minutes individual presentation that will cover one of the four themes. They will provide valuable real-life experiences for your NOC or your sport organization related to the four themes of the MEMOS Convention II.

MEMOS Project Breakout sessions
These special breakout sessions will cover the outcomes of MEMOS projects that have been achieved after the MEMOS programme.

Keynote Presentations
Special guests within the Olympic Movement and the Memosian Community will be invited to hold a keynote over a specific topic related to the four themes of MEMOS Convention II.

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