To be attendant

To be attendant

MEMOS Convention II aims to share knowledge within the Memosian Community. Many Memosian already submitted a proposal for a thematic panel discussion/breakout session or a MEMOS Project breakout session, but there are still some slots available !

Memosians who want to contribute to a thematic/MEMOS Project breakout session, may still submit an abstracts until October 29th. They will be eligible to apply for  an  Olympic Solidarity participation subsidy. The selection committee will inform about their acceptance, considering the remaining presentation slots, by November 1st. If their contribution is not accepted, they may still participate without submitting an abstract.

Memosians may now also apply without submitting an abstract until November 30th but they will not be eligible for an Olympic Solidarity subsidy. Their application will then be automatically accepted.

For portugese sports organisations invited, please refer to local OC.

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Thematic panel and breakout sessions
Memosians who wants to apply for a thematic panel discussion / breakout session must propose to share an experience related to one of the four themes of MEMOS Convention II. The proposal could be either a program or best practice. An abstract of your proposal is required in the online application form as well as the theme it relates to. The panelists will be selected by the selection committee among all submissions. The abstract should describe:
• The aim of the project
• The theoretical and / or practical background
• The methods (if needed)
• The outcomes or results or findings and discussion
• The conclusions / contribution / implication

MEMOS Project Breakout Sessions
MEMOS Project breakout sessions will cover the outcomes of MEMOS projects that have been achieved after the MEMOS program. It will consist of a 12 minutes presentation about a valuable experience for your NOC or your sport organization. It also implies to write an abstract in the online application form.

Olympic Solidarity subsidy
To apply for a subsidy the applicants need to submit a letter of support from their National Olympic Committee requesting Olympic Solidarity participation subsidy and signed by the NOC President or Secretary General. A limited number of Memosians will be given a subsidy from Olympic Solidarity covering registration fee and airfare in economy on most direct route. Memosians who do not present an abstract for a thematic panel discussion/breakout session or MEMOS Project breakout session are not eligible for Olympic Solidarity support.

MEMOS Convention’s Conference fees
All attendees must pay a 200€ Conference fee. The revenue collected from the Conference fees supports its organization.
Registration fees include :
• Access to MEMOS convention activities
• 2 lunches
• Coffee breaks
• The welcome cocktail on December 5
• The official dinner on December 6
• Transportation to the events (official dinner; sports activities)
• Transportation from/to the Lisbon Airport to/from Cascais

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